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Creative, Disruptive & Effective Outdoor Advertising

Take a guess how many billboards you've seen in the past week. 50? 100? If you travel a lot, the number could be in the thousands. The total amount of ad-spend vying for your attention every single day is in the millions of dollars in billboards alone.

Now, how many of those billboards do you remember? More importantly, with how many did you engage? Did you visit websites, tweet hashtags, or make phone calls? Likely not. This means that the vast majority of outdoor advertising passed you by, some of it day after day, and had no effect at all. If your company has any advertising budget dedicated to outdoor advertising, this should and likely does concern you.

Enough of the problem. Here is the solution: In today's world, if you want to be noticed, remembered, and most importantly effective, the name of the game is NOVELTY. This has been proven time and again with Skyship Services Airship Campaigns. That isn't just empty Sales Talk, either, it's the truth. Aerial advertising in general has retention, recall, and engagement rates far above that of any other form of advertising, and blimp campaigns are the grandaddy of them all.

Check out a couple of our case studies, and when you're ready to kick your advertising into high gear, drop us a line and we'll get to work building you a campaign that will exceed your wildest expectations.

Mark cuban - dallas mavericks
"not only were the results terrific, but we had a blast and it really engaged our fan base."

T-Mobile Galaxy S9 Launch

Blimp with Banner | Complete Commercial Production | Special Event Clearances & Coordination

With the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus, T-Mobile wanted to demonstrate in a fun and engaging format that the fastest phone is now available on the fastest network, T-Mobile. The goal was to showcase this to the world through a YouTube video clip approximately two minutes in length. The video would focus on people waterskiing behind the airship performing different waterskiing stunts while utilizing the phones and achieving official world records set and judged by the team from Guinness World Records.

sean wolfington - producer, bella
"Your aerial advertising campaign exponentially magnified the impact of our promotional investment."
Studies show aerial advertising has a retention rate 700% that of traditional outdoor advertising
A blimp campaign can be setup and executed in less than 1 week
Permanent branding and applications are available
Standard traffic-targeting flights can result in 50-100 website visits every day
kick your advertising into high gear
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